Louet Wheel

If you are interested in spinning, one of our customers is selling their Louet wheel.  While it retails for $499, they are asking $350.  Stop by the shop and check out the wheel. 

Here's some photos.



Our Thursday Knit group bears no resemblance, to the following video, but it is a hoot to watch! Click on the video for some international advertisement.

Store Samples

Sunday was feeling a little bored and decided to knit a new store sample following a Fair Isle Pattern.  Sunday discovered her love of knitting through Fair Isle patterns.  This was the photo of the project in progress.


It is now all done and hanging out at the front. When you stop by the shop, Sunday may even show off this hat in another color pattern and knit in Boise (that is cashmere and divine).


Also check out the great bolero that Luanda knit for the shop. This cute little number is knit out of the Mirasol yarn which gives a portion of the money back to the community that produces the yarn.



Thursday Night Update

A lot of activity was occurring last Thursday Night, as many members who displayed their knitted goods in the video were done.

Take for instance, Lucy.  Lucy's sweater was missing the sleeves the week before and now here is her sweater all done.


Norah finished her cardigan. Norah bought the roving at Rhinebeck in 2007, then spun the yarn and then knit this sweater.


Remi was working on Ann Norling hats and finished them. Remi did have to crochet the brim because knitting it wasn't giving her the right look and feel. It looks great.


So great, she made two.


Rosemarie finished her quiviuk lace tam, and is now working on the coordinating lace scarf.

Happy Knitting!

Technical Difficulties

We have had a few technical difficulties within the technology department at stix-n-stitches (translation: my laptop needs to be repaired).  There are a few posts I am attempting to post with lots of photos.

Sorry for the long wait.

In the meantime, check out Leslie's  contribution at the 2008 International Freefrom Fiberart Guild Challenge, “Through Our Eyes".

There is some great freeform crochet displayed.

Leslie Nelle Urinyi taught the Freeform Class.  Also check out her blog about the class.

Knitter's Gallery

Ellen stopped over in between her trips of Morroco and Buenos Aires. She is making this little baby sweater which is a free Ravelry download.

One of our shop regulars stopped off this weekend and showed off her recent Baby Surprise Jackets. Aren't they adorable?

Louise came in with her finished shawl knit in Jamieson's 2 ply yarn which we currently have on sale for $2.00
Louise washed the shawl using her special mixture (you will have to ask her for the recipe) which made it super soft.
Sunday is modeling.

Please check out the video we made for Kathy (and leave her a comment if you were unable to join in the video or just want to send warm wishes).

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Greetings

There has been a delay in blog posting because we have been working on this special video for our dear friend Kathy. Click below to watch.

Please leave a comment showing support for our friend.

Baby Surprise Jacket

For all those who have yet to fall in love with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket stop by the shop for the individual pattern and to see several knitted samples. Strangely, the gauge of the yarn will determine the size of the sweater.

However, a few have pondered how does it transform from an amorphous shape to a baby sweater? Well, click on the video below to see...

It's like Origami. Shall we call it-knitigami? Ok, maybe not. It's still super cool.

Happy Knitting!

More Yarn?

Oh yeah, it seems I forgot to mention a couple of other yarns we received in the shop.

We received the new Cascade Greenland yarn which is oh so sproingy (that is the technical term for extremely springy). Greenland has 137 yards in each ball which knits at 4 stitches to the inch on a recommended US 9 needle. There is a try me ball in the shop in case you want to take this yarn for a taste test.

Sheila picked up some Frog Tree yarn which is a bulky weight yarn. We have a few skeins of this yarn in all the lovely colors in the photo.

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Thursday Night Update

Hey guys, we had fun tonight with lots of projects going on, including Kelly's Baby Blanket made out of squares of sock yarn. This Barn Raising Quilt pattern is available in the new Knitalong book. The squares are quick and it is a great way to test out different sock yarns.

Nora handpainted these socks herself and a few of us were drooling at the colors. Nora also won one of the competitions at Maryland Sheep & Wool this past weekend. She promises to show off her ribbon when it arrives.

Carol came in wearing her top down raglan cardigan knit in Creme. When asked how she liked the yarn she enjoyed the yarn.
Lastly, Sheila is working on the new Knitting Daily pattern in various Zephyr colors.

Keep on Knitting!
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More Yarn?

Yes! We got more yarn.

We received Cascade Venezia Worsted which is a yummy blend of Silk and Merino which knits at 20 stitches over 4 inches. It is recommended to use a size US7 needle and each hank has 218 yards.

Also in the shop (literally it arrived yesterday) Cascade Heritage sock yarn. The yarn is handpainted and is wool and nylon. The fingering weight yarn contains over 400 yards each hank. We also have one more color arriving shortly. It feels lovely.

In the shop is the new scents of Eucalan. We have the classic lavender and we now have grapefruit, eucalyptus, and unscented.

Check out this stunning sweater knit in Wool Bam Boo. This was brought in to pick out buttons and we love what she picked.
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New Yarn!

Sheila picked up some more Blue Heron yarn which is incredibly soft and makes fabulous lace projects.
Stop by the shop to see this yarn and many of the other ones picked up at Sturbridge!

Also exciting and new in the shop is Cascade Sassy Stripe yarn. Sunday is working on the yellow and orange skein.

Also new in the shop is Trekking colors which are all bright and sunny for spring!

Tomorrow, I will post some more photos of new yarns.

Happy Knitting!
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Sturbridge, MA

While people trekked down to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend, a few of us, from the shop, went in the exact opposite direction. Not because we were driving away from fibery goodness, rather we headed to the New England Needlework Association Show in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

This photo is the one shot of the place we went.

Here are a few of the folks we met:

Norah Gaughan the writer of Knitting Nature and the Director of Berroco. We love Norah's designs and we obviously love Berroco as we carry a lot of their yarns.

We met Guido from "It's a Purl, Man" podcast and blog. Granted he would not let me take a photo of the neon green sweater his aunt made him- he did show off this piece that he is currently knitting. Also, admire what appears to be the a tablecloth is actually the chuppa that he, his fiance, and his LYS knit (according to Guido 95% was knit by his shop). If you want to avoid listening to someone stumble on the difference between Montclair and Upper Montclair then don't listen. Otherwise, he should be posting the podcast from this trip shortly.

Also, we ran into Iris Schreir who taught a class on modular knitting at the shop in 2005. Iris is working on a sample from her new new book called Reversible Knits. Based on the sample, we can't wait to see the book! Iris was at the Artyarns booth and let me tell you it was really hard to resist the cashmere.

Tomorrow, I will post a photo of the yarn we are bringing back to the shop.

Happy Knitting!
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Congrats to Joann!

Joann has finished her first pair of socks. She has been working on these bad boys for a few weeks. With persistence and dedication she was able to overcome a minor struggle. These socks will be going to her son. Congratulations!
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Thursday Night Knitting

Well, we had a great time on Thursday night.

Patty showed off her recent store sample: the Lacey Ribbon Scarf from Knitty (sorry, picture is not the best).

Sheila has cast on a new Spanish Dancer. As Sheila has stated, "Ok, some people knit socks as mindless knitting, I knit Spanish Dancers". This is (I believe) her fourth. She is knitting it in Noro.

Patty is also working on another pair of Tofutsies socks.

Lastly, we want to congratulate Lisa on her first finished sweater. She knit the Mr. Greenjeans in Ella Rae Classic. The yarn is a great price at $6.00 for 216 yards and is a worsted weight yarn.

Tomorrow, we will post Joann's success story. Sunday, we will be taking a road trip to buy new Fall Yarns but next week I will have photos of the trip and some new shop yarns.

Have a great weekend!
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