Notes on Juliet

We love the Zephystyle Patterns and that includes the Juliet cardigan. This cute and modern piece is knit using a bulky yarn and you get to have so much fun picking out funky buttons. We now sell the Zephyr patterns at the shop!

Notes from Luanda who knit the Juliet our latest store sample.

"I loved knitting the Juliet. I ended up using a size 11 needle only because I am a tight knitter. Maybe for a loose knitter smaller needles will do but to each her (his)own. I used less than one skein of the mahogany colored eco wool making it a yarn that lives up to it’s name. I knit an extra small but it was quite stretchy. Also I bet I could have gotten a medium size Juliet out of this skein. Blocking the Juliet was lovely. I stretched it to lengthen it slightly and to open up the eyelets.

The buttons were absolutely inspired. Those triangle buttons in the soft orange really put a contemporary spin on the cardigan and the color really popped (in a pleasing way) against the darkness of the wool. Anyway, I find the eco wool quite soft considering it’s a “work horse” kind of yarn and I love knitting with it. It’s texture and ply is very consistent. I’ve used eco wool for about 4 projects now and I must say that not once have I found a knot in it’s 400+yard skeins.

The pattern for the Juliet was very well written except for a tiny error in the suggested needle size given to get gauge. One part it said a 10 1/2 and on another it said a 10 but if you think about it it’s really not a problem since you should be swatching any way to get gauge trying different needles to suit your tension in knitting."
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Thursday Night Knitting

Louise stopped by a few times this week to finish seaming her asymmetrical latest Noro creation. She also picked up some yarn to knit the Lady February Sweater.

Check out this adorable Debbie Bliss sweater!

A new crocheter stopped by the shop to check out our inventory and showed off her recycled bag. She turns plastic bags into yarn and crochet bags. Go check out her website!

Cathy added the buttons to her sweater and is now all done. Can't you tell by her smile how happy she is with the sweater?
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Knitting Shots...

Check out this gorgeous tank knit in The Fibre Company by one of our knitters. The photo doesn't do the tank justice, it is super awesome!

Also we had another knitter stop by for some technical difficulty with Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. We sell the individual pattern as well as the book. She is on the increases but all turned out well. This is being knit in Mountain Colors yarn.
Happy Knitting!
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More knitting...

Sheila is making another Spanish Dancer with Noro. She is almost done with the the shawl.

The Spanish Dancer bug has passed on to Lisa who has decided to knit the whole thing out of stash sock yarn. Lisa's technique was to pull yarns that had purple and green as their primary colors.

Lisa also caught the Helena bug after seeing Patty's version in Wool Bam Boo. She picked up Zara in this lovely coral color.
Zara is such a great yarn because of its stunning stitch definition, softness of the yarn, and all the possible colors.

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Update

Well, actually this photo is from WWKIP day with Maven making some Granny Squares. How fun!

If you haven't fallen in love with Helena from Knitty Summer 2008, you will now. Patty is knitting this store sample in Wool Bam Boo.

Mary Beth Temple stopped off to show off her recent creation, patterns from her new line Hooked for Life. The patterns are really nice and she uses great models.

Lastly, here is my recent store model I have been working on. It is bright and right now confusing.

Tomorrow, I will have the Spanish Dancer.
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Summer Knitty

Hey guys, WWKIP day was great! We had so much fun hanging out with so many folks and some people had a blast with the sidewalk sale. We definitely know some people enjoyed the poker chip sale that was inside the shop!

Go check out the Summer Knitty for some new fun and free patterns!


stix-n-stitches is celebrating world wide knit in public day!

We will be knitting outside the shop sipping iced tea and enjoying the summer weather. We will provide the refreshments, all you have to do is bring a knitting or crochet project, a lawn chair, sunglasses, and suntan lotion.

Come join us this Saturday, June 14th, from 11am-5pm. As always, surprises can only be revealed at the event.

This Saturday also marks the beginning of the Farmer's Market (Walnut Train Station) and it is also the Sidewalk Sale. This is certainly too much excitement to avoid!

Click on the graphic for a larger size.

Kathy V. : We will miss you!

Monday morning stix-n-stitches lost an exceptional knitter, a wonderful woman, and an incredible friend. Kathleen Van Beveren impressed all she met with her passion for all things crafty, her overflowing enthusiasm, and her unwavering positive presence.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathy's family during this difficult time.

Funeral services will be at
Allwood Funeral Home
660-670 Allwood Ave., Clifton, NJ
Wednesday 2PM-4PM and 7PM-9PM
Thursday - Funeral service at 10:30 AM

"Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts. And we are forever changed." anonymous
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Weekend Wrap-Up

The sweater class is coming to an end and Michelle has been rocking the sweaters!

Check out her recently completed Tilted Duster sweater by Norah Gaughan. The sweater is knit in the recommended Berroco Peruvia.

She also showed off her recently completed Green Gable sweater (although it is blue).
The sweater looks great. In the sweater, she did an extra repeat of the lace pattern but remarked that could have added an extra repeat (for all those interested in this pattern).

This is a Zephyrstyle pattern. And guess what? We have the Zephyrstyle patterns available in the shop!
We have Green Gable, Juliet cardigan, and Wicked!

Stop by this Saturday at the shop we are participating in the World Wide Knit in Public Day. Bring your lawn chair, your knitting or crochet project, suntan lotion, and hang out with some friendly knitters. We will provide iced tea and other assorted refreshments!
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Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up soon and a great project is a pair of socks like the Thank You Cabled Socks. Another wonderful project is a quick hat in a worsted weight yarn like the Urban Zen Cabled Hat. You could knit him a tie. If he enjoys golf, knit an Argyle Golf Cover.

But, I cannot stress enough- do not knit your father, husband, or loved one a Ferrari. Watch this video, be impressed with this art student's talent, but do not knit a Ferrari (there is simply not enough time this year).

Happy Knitting!


Socks are a great summer project. Why, you may ask?

There are so many colors and options. You can truly experiment with new colors that you normally may shy away.

Socks are portable.
Socks are light.

Knit a pair for a friend, family member, or swap partner.

You may even get a cute note from the recipient like Patty.

Patty knit a pair of socks for her brother and received the following email,

"My socks, said the Fox,
Are a curious sort of stripes.
Colorful hues of heathery rows
Cover his feet and cover his toes.
And wear them he did,
Exchanging front to the back,
And that Fox with the socks,
Stands out in the pack."

Happy Knitting!
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Knitting Gallery

This weekend we had the pleasure of Anne and Amy knitting at the shop.  The two are very knowledgeable in all things knitting and we always have a great time joking with them.


We had a proud customer picking out more buttons for two sweaters she made for her grandchildren.  The sweaters are beautiful.

The first one is for a young girl and has an asymmetrical neckline.

The second one is for a young boy with stunning cables down the front and on the sleeves.  

Stop by the shop with your finished knitted items.  We love to see what is transformed from yarn into sweaters, socks, and other fun stuff!

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