Lady February Sweater

The Lady February Sweater is a free sweater pattern has taken off via the blogworld and primarily through Ravelry. The pattern inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater, available in Knitter's Almanac. It is designed by FlintKnits.

Over 1,000 people have started knitting this sweater. It is knit using worsted weight yarn at a gauge of 18 stitches over 4 inches (in garter stitch for your gauge swatch). The popularity can be attributed to the simple design, the EZ inspiration, or the fact that this top down sweater is just so darn cute!

Today, several people came in the shop to oogle Debra's finished sweater (in Cascade Sierra) and were not familiar with the pattern. We did start a store KAL (knit-a-long) on July 19th, and we have two sweaters clocked in as finished. With over 15 people knitting this pattern, you can imagine we like the pattern.

We promise to have photos soon of the sweaters in progress!
So, stop over and check out the pattern and join us if you would like!

New Yarn!

We got new colors of the Berroco Comfort yarn which has proved to be successful. Check out the new variegated colors available.

We also got the Handpainted Trekking yarn which is beautiful!

Hopefully, we will have some photos next week of Lady February sweaters in progress...
Update: If you are looking for a killer price on circular needles, the Bryson Bryspun Circular needles that are plastic are 50% off. Considering they are a great price to begin with they are certainly a steal at this price. There is also a sale on Fiddlestick circular needles. So, stop by and pick up some needles!
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Wired Sheep

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Mary Ellen sent this cool photo to us of an art exhibit of sheep made out of telephone parts (check out the feet!). Click on the picture for a larger view.

Have a great week!

It has begun...

Jenny stopped by earlier in the day to cast on as did Robin.
Pictured here, Lisa is knitting in Malabrigo which she described as, "Malabrigo-licious!", and Luanda is knitting with Cascade Venezia which she remarked as "shimmery, really smooth, but the yarn doesn't slide off the needles". Anne, Sunday, and Mary Ellen (who stopped by later) are using Ultra Alpaca. When prompted to describe how Anne feels about the yarn, her response, "I love it!". Sheila is using Pure Merino yarn and I am using Creme.
Unfortunately, I will be away for the next few days so updates on this knit-a-long may not appear until next weekend. However, if on Ravelry check the thread we have on the knit-a-long or stop by the shop to see what progress everyone is making.
Happy Knitting!

The Kickoff

It is 12:02 July 19th, 2008, and some people are currently casting on for the Lady February Sweater Knit-A-Long we are doing. It is rather informal which means that a few folks will be stopping by on Saturday to sit, cast on and knit.

On other stix news, we have a new shop sample. The "Children's Cotton Hat" is a pattern available in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This book is full of patterns that you will want to knit.

It is knit using Cotonade and took a little over one night to make. The hat is the toddler size and only took one skein. Imagine that, a quick knit and is $5.00 for the total project. These make a great gift for a baby.

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Thursday Night Wishes

We wished our good friend Carol best wishes on her new adventure and hosted a little night dedicated to her. Carol is relocating to South Dakota to live with her daughter. She has been a consistent presence in our Thursday Nights blowing us away with her imaginary knitted designs (and no she doesn't write them up!) and her perky personality.

The ladies all contributed various forms of food and decadence. We had vegetable dip, strawberries and brie, Rosemary's scrumptious canapes. The table then extended into Patty's mom's double chocolate cupcakes, coffee cake, fruit salad, Lucy's chocolate brownies, and a double chocolate cake (notice the chocolate theme?).

All of this was done for this special lady. Carol usually would tell me not to post her photo and I am ignoring her this one time because we have to show off our great friend. Here she is with Sheila.

Patty and Carol hugging. Carol gives the best hugs too (even Lisa agrees!).

Carol, we are going to miss you hanging out with us on Thursdays! (Hint Hint!) Carol, will just have to email us and talk more on our Ravelry group: stix-n-stitchers.

Of course, there was knitting and then some. Here is a fabric scarf for your eyes to enjoy. It is so unique I had to photograph (unfortunately you can't feel how soft it is).

This Saturday is the kick off of the Lady February Sweater KAL in the shop. There are whispers of bagels and of course we always have the coffee in the shop. This is a great and quick pattern that is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby February Sweater. Stop by and join us!

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Knitting Update

Here we are for another installment of all things knitterly, or rather, all things knitterly on Thursday night at stix-n-stitches.

Here's Lisa's Helena sweater almost done in Zara.

Here is Joann's hat #1, hat #2, and hat #3 all knit in Zara (and in the same color).

Mary Ellen is working on a scarf in multiple types of yarn in blue shades of color.

Lucy is working on this lovely baby blanket.

Have a great weekend!
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Shop Sample

The Itty Bitty Hats book, by Susan B. Anderson, is fabulous. It contains so many adorable hats for babies to toddlers.
The upside down daisy hat is so much fun to knit especially when using Zara (which is machine washable).

This is a relatively quick knit although there is a little more sewing when you need to add the individual petals.
Zara is a super yummy yarn with great stitch definition. Stop by to see the hat and use the try me skein to test the yarn!
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Belle stopped by with her adorable Baby Surprise Jacket knit in Claudia Handpainted Sportweight. She was picking buttons for the jacket (whoops, I think I took the picture without the buttons). This is such a great pattern. If you are interested check out this page for some information and for Ravelry users when you search this pattern the Dawn Adcock cheat sheet is now available to download.

Christine stopped by to show off her recent lace accomplishment. She also picked up some more yarn to make another lace project and a baby surpise in Ty-Dy (which will look so cute!).

Happy July 4th Weekend!py

Happy Knitting!
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