Machine Washable ...YARN!

We have new Fall yarns arriving all the time and we also have new machine washable yarn that is great for baby items or items for you. So, let's begin the introductions:

Crystal Palaca Merino 5 Prints yarn is a worsted weight yarn that knits at 20 stitches to 4 inches. Each wool ball contains 110 yards. There are some great colors and we have a store sample in the Yankee Knitter Stocking Cap pattern.

We also have a self-striping yarn from Crystal Palace that is called Mochi Plus. While this 95 yard ball knits at 16-18 stitches over 4 inches which would be fabulous for a Baby Surprise Jacket or an entrelac pattern or even the Ten Stitch Twist blanket (Ravelry download). This yarn is incredibly soft.

Also in the shop, from Sandness Garn, is Alpakka. It is made from alpaca (big surprise) and yes it is machine washable. Each skein has 120 yards and knits at 22 stitches at 4 inches on a US 6.

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Update

Thursday was such a pleasant night with knitting galore. Anne brought in her ten stitch blanket (pattern is available on Ravelry as a free download) and is "ohmygoshgorgeous". Anne picked this yarn up at the anniversary sale for a killer price. We still have this yarn available it is the Poems yarn. I will let you know that she is using two different colors for this blanket.

Here is another shot!

Speaking of "ohmygoshgorgeous"-check out Lucie pleated cardigan in Berroco Comfort. Modeled by another Thursday knitter (who totally rocks) this sweater is so cute and yet incredibly soft and machine washable.

I thought I would throw a random shot of the new Berroco Lustra that has come into the shop. The yarn has an amazing shine probably due to the tencel and wool. It is worsted weight yarn at 18 stitches to 4" and contains 197 yards. Come check out this and the way too many new fall yarns that are arriving in the shopp (did I say too many? ha! just kidding).

Stay cool and keep on knitting!
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Sale Corner? and yarn...

Ok, I wasn't very creative about the title of this post but I thought it was aptly named. Our August project has been moving yarn around the shop. So, instead of the yarn being organized from chunky to lace weight yarn, when you walk in the shop you will first now see sock, lace, and fingering weight yarn and the bulky will be in the back of the shop. What's really cool is the sale shelves we now have in the back of the shop?

Very cool.

The knitting elves put of the Cotton Classic in a new color order which reminds me of pantone colors.

For those in the stix-n-stitchers Ravelry group, one of our knitters wants to make a sweater for her man based on a sweater he has and loved for a long time. She brought in the sweater and launched into a new project. We have faith she can do this. We investigated the look of the yarn, the gauge, the pattern, and so much more. We can't wait to see where she gets.

We also had this knitter and her lovely dog come into the shop. Isn't she adorable? Don't mind the Gentle Leader which is for dogs who tug on the leash and not a muzzle. This sweetheart found out we had dog cookies and decided it was a good place to be: beautiful fibers, air conditioning, and dog biscuits- she was in heaven.

More photos to come!

Stay Cool!
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What else...

Sometimes, I wonder what photos I still need to post and voila I find Lucy showing off her most recent cardigan. Lucy is the greatest and always an example of elegance and grace. She is right now working on the cutest hip cardigan for a family friend.

This is Joann's latest Baby Surprise Jacket in Colinette Cadenza which is a dk machine washable yarn that feels oh so nice. She is doing great on the sweater (yes, the sweater is tilted).

I don't think we mentioned the new Blue Heron yarns that came in-it is so worth stopping by especially since new fall yarns are coming in all the time....

Happy knitting!
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Thursday Night Knit Night

Would you believe this is knitted?

How about now? Cathy finished her fair isle cardigan and we are all so jealous. Camera phones were whipped out on Thursday night to document this stunning piece. Cathy was debating how to pose for the picture but that smile cannot be considered posed, that is one happy knitter.

She also brought in this gorgeous baby cardigan and bonnet knit out of bebe boo. This is soft and squishable that the recipient will be very content.

Yet, Cathy wasn't done there either. Check out this adorable cardigan which is knit out of Claudia Handpainted in Teacup. The reverse stockinette has these adorable baubles. The hood is fabulous!

Everyone have a great weekend knitting!
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Weekend Wrap-Up

We love showing off what our knitters make and how could we not? Check out this pretty cardigan. This person was picking out buttons.

I love this baby blanket in primary colors. It is knit in Berroco Comfort DK. What this clever knitter did was knit a think strip in garter stitch and used one skein for each strip (remember comfort dk has 178 yards). She is debating how to edge the strip with Sheila in the red. We can't wait to see the finished product.

Did we mention we received new colors of Zara? Definitely worth checking out!

Sheila has been playing with some new yarn that is not only superbulky and fun but an incredibly quick knit. She knit this scarf in a few hours which is great for those emergency holiday gifts.

Watch out more yarn is coming!!!
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