Needle Felting

We have posted twice about Fran's needle felting skills on the beret which looks fabulous! So, here's the Louet Needle Felting Kit that helps you get started on your needle felting projects.

Fran also needle felted on top of a vest. That's not the only think you can needle felt- open your mind and imagine pillows or knitted purses or or mittens or even chair covers. It's okay for knitters to stab things with their needles.
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Jawoll on Sale!

Lang's Jawoll sock yarn is on sale. We have too much so we need to share it. The yarn also comes with its own thread to reinforce the heel and toes (the two easiest areas that can become worn down). As is seen in the photo, there are a few colors and the price is great when one skein makes a pair of socks.
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Cards that say it all....

We have a great selection of cards that a knitter will love. The card are great for friends who knit, for family members who enjoy yarn, or for your swap pal. All are funny and amongst them is one that will be perfect for the intended party.
As well, we have two knitting audio-recordings in the store (yes, that is Tilli Thomas silk) which are America Knits and Knitting Memories. These can make a great gift or if you have a long extended trip this may fit perfectly in your luggage.
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Sheep Shop

In our bulky section, is Sheep Shop yarn.

On the left hand side you wll notice the yarn in its original shape.
On the right hand side is a sample of the yarn represented in a Mistake Rib Scarf in progress. The variegated yarn is perfectly variegated. The yarn comes in great colors and knits at 3 stitches to the inch. The Jawbreaker Cardigan in Interweave Knits Winter 2006 would make a great sweater with this yarn. Or, if you need a quick project for the holidays (oh, those are around the corner) try a seed or mistake rib scarf.
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Stuff on Sale

What's in the shop at a discount? We've got a few things.
What are the plastic bags for? Storage, of course. For those who have a stash (and that is most of us) the bags are great keepers and organizers of yarn stashes. I tend to keep a sweater quantity together in one bag. What's great is that the bags allow the yarn to lie flat if you need to pile yarn on top of yarn.
Knit Lites knitting needles are 50% off. Deborah reported seeing a woman using them at a concert. Click here for the cute youtube video.
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More from Thursday Night

For those who liked Kelly's Baby Surprise Jacket in Odyssey, might enjoy another Baby Surprise Jacket in Odyssey (this time in blue). Cindy has been doing really well on this sweater.
Odyssey also makes great fingerless gloves (as modeled by a reluctant Jamie). We are in the process of determing if this is one or two skeins. Stop by the shop for the free pattern!
And now for a completely different color, think Autumn plus capelet equals Janis' fabulous and quick capelet in Trendsetter Yosemite. Janis stopped by to pick out a button and actually found a great one in our button bowl. The button bowl is on the countertop of the shop and each button is only a $1.00
Lastly, check out Deborah's new felted mobeius bowls. Deborah not only teaches the felting class, she also teaches the mobeius class, and the perfect combination is present in this photo.
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Thursday Update: 10/25 Part 2

There's still more that was revealed Thursday Night. Check out Carole's ganoli (I don't know if that is spelled correctly but I think that's what it's name was). He spent most of the afternoon in Carole's basket (a basket which wouldn't surprise me if she had made it-she's crafty!).
Jamie also stopped by and was working on the Gretal hat in Cascade 220 Superwash. This yarn has a pretty and tweedy look to it.
And one of our Thursday night members brought her sock in just to sew her toe (the napkin with crumbs was originally a biscotti that Cindy had made and brought in for the crew-obviously the biscotti was good because it was gone).
And the hand that grabs the yarn? Why, Jamie, of course. Jamie is making some legwarmers for her daughter in Berroco Foliage. We can't wait to see what it will look like!
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Thursday Night Update: 10/25

This Thursday was filled with knitters, crocheters, and even a weaver. Carol brought in the baby blanket that she wove (on a loom). And while this is the complete photo of the blanket...
...look it at up close and you can the beautiful design. Isn't the blanket precious? It is incredibly nice.
And yes, we had knitters and a needle felter in action. If you remember Fran's beret with needle felting on it, check out the vest she needle felting.
And here is Kathy knitting away...
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Knit Wits

No new photos until tomorrow's Thursday Night group meets, so until then enjoy this short clip

Cameo Appearance

Cameo is a Crystal Palace yarn that we are now carrying. It comes in many shades of color (scroll down for the preview). The gauge is 14 stitches over 4 inches and each skein of yarn contains 77 yards.

For those who love mystery shows, Miss Marple has returned to PBS. Miss Marple is a knitter who solves crimes. Check PBS for your local listings.
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While we have had Malabrigo in the shop for quite some time, we have expanded our color selection and quantities. We thought the simplest way to demonstrate our menu of malabrigo would be to place individual skeins on a tree. If you see a color you enjoy, we can check the computer system for quantities.
Now, look at the close up shot of all the yarn!
Malabrigo is a fabulous yarn for several reasons. The colors are amazing. They have these rich variegated colors and have also released solids (if you prefer that). Another reason they are so popular is that they are incredibly soft. It is not surprising to hear people oogle over its softness. Lastly, this yarn is a worsted weight which for a great price has over 200 yards.

Some ideas for Malabrigo?

My So Called Scarf (free pattern from Sheep in the City's blog)
Cardigan for Arwen (Interweave Knits Winter 2006)
Foliage Hat (Knitty)
Miss Greenjeans Sweater (Knitty)
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Look! New Knitting Bags!

If you weren't tempted at Rhinebeck (impossible!) this past weekend, check out these new knitting bags in Amy Butler fabrics!
This bag is so cool looking and despite its lunchbox appearance it opens up to have amazing space!

Then there's this bag! This satchel has great patterns and wonderful space for a project on the go!
And for those who prefer the tote style bag, this is a great size bag!
Update: A lot of the Amy Butler bags have sold. They are featured in the knitsimple Holiday 2007. We called and there is now a waiting list for these bags. We still have some left in the shop.Posted by Picasa

Thursday Night Update

We had a few of our regular Thursday night crew and some every so often regulars and a new person come to the group. A lot of Wool Bam Boo was being knit with as Mary Ellen was working on a shawl and Rosemarie is almost done with her husband's cable vest. Patty has fallen in love with Comfort and decided it is not only amazingly soft and machine washable (she is going swatch crazy with the knit pattern calendar). It was a great night to come by and knit. So here's our updates....
Mary Ellen finished up her sweater for a co-workers baby. She changed the stripes from the pattern which is always a moment of pride when you change something in the pattern. She did a great job on the finishing!
For those who remember Fran of Fran's knitted clothing for her troll dolls, check out these needle felted berets. She was working on this tonight. If you look closely you can notice the tips have even been needlefelted.
Lastly, Lisa has finished knitting her EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. The color is really stunning. Last Sunday, she stopped by and picked up Crytstal Palace Creme to make the Children's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yellow hat picks up the subtle yellow in the jacket. So cute! All she needs now are buttons.
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Karabella is in!

We have Karabella in the shop!

Check out the Gossamer. The skein is 222 yards knit at 5 stitches per inch. This yarn comes in shimmery colors that would look fabulous in a shawl. In fact, you can knit this with larger needles for an lacey look. Also, some have knitted I Do from Knitty.
Up close shot, so you can see the shimmer.
So, let's talk about Boise. Boise is so soft, seriously, you should touch this stuff! The details, Boise is 50% cashmere and 50% merino wool. It is a DK weight knit at 5.5 stitches per inch and each skein contains 163 yards.
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Keltic Swatch

The Keltic skeins doesn't show how the color variation occurs, so we knit up a swatch for the store. Within the swatch you can see the slight color changes. The swatch is longer than usual as it has been knit in several different stitch patterns. Sometimes we all get stuck using the same stitch patterns (ahem I for one rely on mistake rib when in doubt). When you stop by the Keltic cubbies take a look at the swatch you might see some new patterns that can easily be knit into a winter scarf or wrap. We have also typed up a sheet of the stitch patterns so if you would like a copy make sure to ask one of us. It is a great resource for your knitting binders.
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What's that?

Another corner of the shop...

On the left hand side, you can see significant amounts of buttons. In fact, the photo cuts off another shelving unit of the buttons. And we have vintage buttons that are on the counter (limited edition). We always recommend bringing in the garment knit up and close to finish before selecting the buttons. We prefer to lay the garment on the table and then selecting various buttons based on color, style, and size. And of course, you can always poll whomever is sitting at the table which button they like. Selecting buttons is a fun process and this is the place to enjoy it!

On the right hand side, is a bookcase full of knitted samples. We have knitted scarves, hats, baby surprise jackets, basketweave wraps in Schaeffer yarn, sweaters made from Noro, baby sweaters, afghans, and ponchos. So, if you are interested in a yarn in addition to looking at the swatches knit up ask if we have a sample knit up in the yarn.
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