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Another corner of the shop...

On the left hand side, you can see significant amounts of buttons. In fact, the photo cuts off another shelving unit of the buttons. And we have vintage buttons that are on the counter (limited edition). We always recommend bringing in the garment knit up and close to finish before selecting the buttons. We prefer to lay the garment on the table and then selecting various buttons based on color, style, and size. And of course, you can always poll whomever is sitting at the table which button they like. Selecting buttons is a fun process and this is the place to enjoy it!

On the right hand side, is a bookcase full of knitted samples. We have knitted scarves, hats, baby surprise jackets, basketweave wraps in Schaeffer yarn, sweaters made from Noro, baby sweaters, afghans, and ponchos. So, if you are interested in a yarn in addition to looking at the swatches knit up ask if we have a sample knit up in the yarn.
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