Welcome to 214 Glenridge Ave!

Here's our new space!
Just kidding, this is a before shot. However with some care, attention, and love, the space now contains all things we love: yarn, books, coffee, and sheep. So, here's our new front window.
The stix sign is at the top of the window and behind the 214 portion of the sign you can faintly detect a Noro jacket.
Here's the long shot of the shop. We have three seating areas: a long table in the front, in the middle our chairs and sofa around the coffee table, and in the back we have another table and seating.
And here's our last shot for today, it is our front area which has a nice long table. Our books area plus binders filled with individual patterns, our button selection, and some purse options (but not all of them).
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Isn't it amazing how a dull and dreary rectangle can be transformed into a cozy colorful nook with a little yarn?

October 2, 2007 at 8:24 AM  

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