More from Thursday Night

For those who liked Kelly's Baby Surprise Jacket in Odyssey, might enjoy another Baby Surprise Jacket in Odyssey (this time in blue). Cindy has been doing really well on this sweater.
Odyssey also makes great fingerless gloves (as modeled by a reluctant Jamie). We are in the process of determing if this is one or two skeins. Stop by the shop for the free pattern!
And now for a completely different color, think Autumn plus capelet equals Janis' fabulous and quick capelet in Trendsetter Yosemite. Janis stopped by to pick out a button and actually found a great one in our button bowl. The button bowl is on the countertop of the shop and each button is only a $1.00
Lastly, check out Deborah's new felted mobeius bowls. Deborah not only teaches the felting class, she also teaches the mobeius class, and the perfect combination is present in this photo.
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