In the process...

We are in the process of fully organizing the stockroom which is better for everyone because the increased selection of yarn will be more quickly accessible (and those of us retrieving the yarn can find it without talking to ourselves).
And, what's great is that we keep finding some clearance yarns. For instance, Online Delicia which is a soft (and not itchy) mohair yarn, is now on sale for $3.00 a skein. We have in our sample bookcase an adorable shrug with a ruffle which only requires five skeins, 5x3= $15.00 Although with finds like these, who knows how long they will last as it is limited stock. We found three colorways in at least ten skeins in each of those.

Saul and Patty have been working so hard to get everything organized. If you see Patty and she is slightly dazed, remember she has been submerged in a olympic size pool of fiber.
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