While we have had Malabrigo in the shop for quite some time, we have expanded our color selection and quantities. We thought the simplest way to demonstrate our menu of malabrigo would be to place individual skeins on a tree. If you see a color you enjoy, we can check the computer system for quantities.
Now, look at the close up shot of all the yarn!
Malabrigo is a fabulous yarn for several reasons. The colors are amazing. They have these rich variegated colors and have also released solids (if you prefer that). Another reason they are so popular is that they are incredibly soft. It is not surprising to hear people oogle over its softness. Lastly, this yarn is a worsted weight which for a great price has over 200 yards.

Some ideas for Malabrigo?

My So Called Scarf (free pattern from Sheep in the City's blog)
Cardigan for Arwen (Interweave Knits Winter 2006)
Foliage Hat (Knitty)
Miss Greenjeans Sweater (Knitty)
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