The Poker Chip sale continues tomorrow with chips ranging from 15 to 50 percent off (including the sale stuff). It is insane to watch someone buy a knitting bag that is on sale for 50% off (all knitting bags and needle holders are one sale) and then to get an additional percentage off of that.

So, I thought it would be good to show you some of the new yarns.

First let me introduce you to Mojito brought to you by Alpaca with a Twist: This yarn has plied alpaca and knits up at 16-20 stitches over 4 inches. This worsted weight yarn contains 145 yards in each hank. It's so pretty but you seriously need to touch it to fully appreciate it.

We love Queensland Collection which is why I am going to introduce you to Rustic Wool. This machine washable wool (I did type machine washable) comes in great semi-solid colors. At 18 stitches over 4 inches on a size 8 uS needle, each ball contains 99 yards. Can you imagine this in a Baby Surprise Jacker or even the Wicked sweater (both patterns available in the shop).

Remi was showing off her latest sweater and bonnet set on Thursday. How cute is that?

Stay cool in this humidity!

Keep on knitting and crocheting!
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We are in the full swing of the poker chip sale and at the same time we started receiving fall yarns. This is just some of the yarn we have received. We have new colors of Kathmandu Aran, Rustic, and all sorts of yummy things. So a lucky shopper could very well pick up a poker chip and get a large discount on new yarns. Good luck to all those shopping!

Last thursday, one of our regulars gave us a delicious blueberry pie which as you can see we enjoyed! Thank you. I like posting photos of the snacks people bring in- just in case you are curious!

Sheila received a surprise gift in the mail from one of our favorite people in the whole world, well, certainly within this continent. Sheila has been showing off her new sheep named "Carol" given to us by a wonderful woman by the same name. We miss you Carol! What a great birthday present.

Speaking of presents, some of our knitters like to give each other surprise gifts. Remi came in the shop on Thursday to find this box with her name on it. Inside a pair of felted slippers from Anne H. Anne has taught the "Tips, Tricks, and Techniques" class (which we tried eavesdropping in on) and is a gifted knitter.

Speaking of Anne, Knitty posted their surprise patterns. One of which is Cubix2. As soon as Sheila printed this pattern, Amy and I exclaimed this is a pattern for Anne. Sheila's response, "She's going to make changes". The next day when Sheila pointed out the pattern, Anne smiled and said, "I like it but I am probably going to make changes".

I have pictures of the new yarns coming soon. The poker chip sales this week so make sure to stop in. It does get a little hectic so we recommend having ideas of patterns, weight and quantity of yarn when you come in.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
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Happy 4th Birthday Sale!

Wednesday July 22nd. through Thursday July 30th.

Select your items and Pick A Chip to see what discount you will receive on your purchase!
Many items have been marked down prior to the sale.
New Fall yarns will be arriving daily.
Ravelry discount will not apply.

Please understand that individual assistance on picking out patterns or yarn is difficult during a sale, we will try to do our best to help.

During the sale we will be unable to wind yarn but you may bring it in at a later date for winding.

All items marked down prior to chip discount will not be returnable.


If you have any questions, please call the store at 973-744-3535.
Please DO NOT send me an email.

Weelend Wrap-up

Sheila finished another Baby Surprise Jacket in Jojolan Rhythm. This beautiful self-striping yarn which works out well for the BSJ.

I was away for a few days on a bus tour and was working on a Baby Surprise also in Jojoland Rhythm. What's great about this yarn is the stunning progression of color.

We also got in some new hand lotion. I have tried it and it has a delicate citrus smell and has no residual waxy feel (which is great to put on between knitting).

Sheila picked up some new friends. They are scattered throughout the shop. You know, Sheila could not resist picking up more sheep. She is open to suggestions on the names.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
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Thursday Night Update

Another packed Thursday night with knitters and a spinner. Usually, Norah has the spin weel out but this time it was Fran spinning some yarn.

Anne (and Joann) were working on their Baby Surprise Jackets. Anne finished hers and was seaming the sleeves after this photo was taken. She did pick up some cute cute white baseball buttons which "popped" against the background.
Mary Ellen has been rocking the argyle scarf that is in Son of a Stitch n' Bitch. Woah! We are thoroughly impressed with her tackling this pattern and what's so beautiful is that this is the same pattern on the other side (just inverse of the colors).
Oh-for those looking for the fancy schmancy stitch markers, well they are back and in stock at the shop.
Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Update

If you haven't been in the shop for a while check out some new stuff.

We have Kashmir Baby yarn which is Merino wool, microfibre, and cashmere. This yarn is incredibly soft and knits at 24 stitches over 4 inches. Each ball contains 143 yards. Our store sample is the One Piece Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. We have lots of colors available. Any baby would love the feel of this against their delicate skin.

While it is early to consider tweeds this divine yarn is Highlander. It is so so soft and knits up quickly at 16 stitches over 4 inches. It is not surprising that this is divine to touch as it contains alpaca. This yarn is demonstrated with a simple top down baby sweater. Each hank has 145 yards and US 9 needle is recommended.

We have some decadent sock yarn that has some stunning colors. It is the Prism yarn that is 80% merino and 20% nylon. Size US 3 is recommended for this yarn as 6.5 stitches per inch. Look at those colors!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!!!
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Thursday Night Two

Katie made some adorable crocheted creatures for Sheila that she will love when she gets back from her vacation this week. I think they really liked the Misti Alpaca sock yarn. The owl is so cute, but the apple has a worm coming out of the left side.

Lindsay besides having fun with Max was working on this pretty item knit in Berroco Comfort. She was using the soft green as a border and the multi color had these delicate little cables. Fran's sock monkey was overseeing the progress while fondling some lime green yarn.

Karen a self-proclaimed "inexperienced knitter" just finished this stunning vest from a pattern she purchased on Ravelry. She did an amazing job on this piece. I believe she stopped by for a question and just kept on going and completing the neckband.

We hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th Weekend!
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Thursday Night goes to the dogs

Thursday Night was super packed right before the July 4th weekend. With no seats available and all the extra chairs being used, we also had a couple of canine visitors. Lily, a rescued Labradoodle, was visiting us with her owner, Amy, and spent a while making friends with everyone. Lily was the former resident of a puppy mill until a rescue organization got her out and into the loving home of Amy.

Max also spent Thursday night getting rubs and affection. Max, Shih Tzu, is also a rescue and he accompanied his owner Lindsay.
Both white fluffy things were at the back table.

Speaking of Amy earlier check out what she is making from various colors of the discontinued Silky Wool that Sheila had on sale during the sidewalk sale. Amy is improvising the pattern and knitting them in long strips.

Monika made these chocolate peanut butter parcels of heaven for the night and they were divine. I offered to everyone before I had a second one. They went quickly because they were deliciously scrumptious!

There was so much activity that I will write another post which include photos of Katie's crochet toys for Sheila, a beautiful vest made by Karen, and Lindsay's sweater.

Happy July 4th Weekend!
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