Thursday Night goes to the dogs

Thursday Night was super packed right before the July 4th weekend. With no seats available and all the extra chairs being used, we also had a couple of canine visitors. Lily, a rescued Labradoodle, was visiting us with her owner, Amy, and spent a while making friends with everyone. Lily was the former resident of a puppy mill until a rescue organization got her out and into the loving home of Amy.

Max also spent Thursday night getting rubs and affection. Max, Shih Tzu, is also a rescue and he accompanied his owner Lindsay.
Both white fluffy things were at the back table.

Speaking of Amy earlier check out what she is making from various colors of the discontinued Silky Wool that Sheila had on sale during the sidewalk sale. Amy is improvising the pattern and knitting them in long strips.

Monika made these chocolate peanut butter parcels of heaven for the night and they were divine. I offered to everyone before I had a second one. They went quickly because they were deliciously scrumptious!

There was so much activity that I will write another post which include photos of Katie's crochet toys for Sheila, a beautiful vest made by Karen, and Lindsay's sweater.

Happy July 4th Weekend!
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