Mini Updates and a sheep named Carol

We are in the full swing of the poker chip sale and at the same time we started receiving fall yarns. This is just some of the yarn we have received. We have new colors of Kathmandu Aran, Rustic, and all sorts of yummy things. So a lucky shopper could very well pick up a poker chip and get a large discount on new yarns. Good luck to all those shopping!

Last thursday, one of our regulars gave us a delicious blueberry pie which as you can see we enjoyed! Thank you. I like posting photos of the snacks people bring in- just in case you are curious!

Sheila received a surprise gift in the mail from one of our favorite people in the whole world, well, certainly within this continent. Sheila has been showing off her new sheep named "Carol" given to us by a wonderful woman by the same name. We miss you Carol! What a great birthday present.

Speaking of presents, some of our knitters like to give each other surprise gifts. Remi came in the shop on Thursday to find this box with her name on it. Inside a pair of felted slippers from Anne H. Anne has taught the "Tips, Tricks, and Techniques" class (which we tried eavesdropping in on) and is a gifted knitter.

Speaking of Anne, Knitty posted their surprise patterns. One of which is Cubix2. As soon as Sheila printed this pattern, Amy and I exclaimed this is a pattern for Anne. Sheila's response, "She's going to make changes". The next day when Sheila pointed out the pattern, Anne smiled and said, "I like it but I am probably going to make changes".

I have pictures of the new yarns coming soon. The poker chip sales this week so make sure to stop in. It does get a little hectic so we recommend having ideas of patterns, weight and quantity of yarn when you come in.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
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