There is some knitting...

Kelly stopped by for a quick trip and showed off the progress on her February Lady Sweater almost done. The gull pattern looks so pretty in Malabrigo and feels divine.

One of our knit regulars showed off the progress on her Baby Surprise Jacket in Colinette Jitterbug. Actually, she was picking out some cute buttons.

Patty's flat feet sock has been hanging out on the back table. For all those interested in Flat Feet-this should give a good representation of how the yarn then becomes a sock. Each yarn is unique!

Have a great week!
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February Lady Sweater Sample

Well, if you are curious why we are raving about the February Lady Sweater, stop by the shop and check out what Luanda has been knitting. The February sweater is knit out of Venezia a cascade yarn that is wool and silk. Of course, stopping by on a weekend or Thursday Night you will probably encounter someone making progress on the sweater.

Happy Knitting!
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Classic Elite has been arriving in the shop and we are incredibly excited about a few things:

We got Moorland which is this stunning new yarn. Even though it looks like a worsted weight the gauge is 24 stitches over 4 inches. The yarn is Merino wool, baby alpaca, mohair with a little bit of acrylic. It has 147 yards which is recommended to be knit on a size 6 needle.

We also received Fresco yarn. This yarn is wool with baby alpaca. The gauge is 6 1/2 stitches to the inch on a size 5 needle. Each skein has 164 yards.

And what we are really excited about is the new pattern books from Classic Elite which are amazing! We already sold a few of these today so check out the links and see if you want to pick up one as well...

The Alpaca Stories has some great patterns, click here to look at a preview.

To look at Autumn, click here.

To look at Autumn 2, click here.

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Greetings

Here are some photos from Thursday Night...

Patty showing off her February Lady Sweater. We love it!

Fran's hippo was hiding in The Fibre Company Organik yarn. He is showing off his sweater.

Here is Fran's hippo on top of the Melody sock yarn. He wanted you all to see the buttons on his sweater.

Look, the "Hey, Teach!" sweater from Knitty in progress on one knitter's space...

Happy Knitting!
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Many times we recommend keeping binders of patterns well Tuesday we met a customer who brought organization to a whole new level.
Here is a photo of the outside of her binder (her hand is blocking any personal information).

In the inside of this binder she keeps a photocopy of the pattern. On the back of the pattern (see to the left of the binder) she keeps the receipt of where she bought the yarn (and she labels the receipt which yarn is for what project), the yarn ballband with a sample of the yarn. I suggested taking a hole puncher to the ballband and then tying the yarn which she thought was a good idea.
This is a great organizational system. She also kept her yarn separated by project in bags with the name of the pattern written on it and the intended recipient plus diagrams she draws to understand the pattern.

Here is the super organized knitter modeling a wrap she is making for her friend.

By the way, she has not been knitting for a long time which I found impressive. You realize when talking to her that she really wants to comprehend the various knitting concepts and challenge herself.

As Sunday says, "Knit on!"
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Flat Feet has arrived!

Looking for something different in sock yarn?

How about Flat Feet yarn which is handpainted in a sheet of yarn. There are two sections (although below I folded the sheet) so you make a pair of matching socks. Each flat feet is unique and fun!

There are bright colors (above) and more earth tones. These bad boys are going quickly (the pink one above was purchased by Sara as she witnesed the photo shoot).

The one below is being knit by Patty which you could probably watch on Thursday Night Knitting. Ironically, it reminds me of a multi-colored Union Jack.

So what are the details about this yarn?
The fingering weight yarn is superwash wool and 20% nylon and each set contains 450 yards. You knit this yarn from the flat sheet which means no winding and as one customer mentioned to today, "hey, I can just throw that on my shoulder."

Happy Knitting!

ps More posts coming on the awesome new yarns arriving.
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By the way...

Did I forget to post that we have the new Norah Gaughan Volume 3 from Berroco? Since, I am a huge fan of her patterns and her impact on Berroco, she gets a special post.

For an online preview of the patterns, go here.

While checking out Berroco's website, click on free patterns and see some of their beautiful designs.

Some of my favorites include:

Okay, that's enough. You should go look for yourself...

Have fun!


Oh, Fall is around the corner and we have restocked additional colors of Noro Silk Garden.

This worsted weight yarn is fabulous especially for the Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood (known as Brooklyn Tweed).

We loved the silk garden so much that we also got the chunky weight version of Silk Garden.

And we should be getting the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn soon...

Also on the way is a lot of warm yarn that is luscious to touch as autumn enters our neighborhood. We will post yarn as it arrives!
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Thursday Night Knitting

One of our favorite folks who is a Thursday Night regular is Ms. Lucy who is a graceful woman that always surprises us with her charm, knitting, and her sassiness. I attempted to take her photo and she couldn't sit still during the process. So, I decided to post all of the photos.

Sheila is working on a new scarf which is a fabulous (and FREE) Berroco pattern called Wedge. Go check out the free patterns at Berroco they are always very nice.

Have a great weekend!
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Some knitting...

Ok, I owe you a few posts. So, let's play catch up.

Check out this really cool felted watermelon which is actually a purse. The seeds are buttons. How refreshingly cool!

Here is my February Lady Sweater in progress (which is all done now). I truly loved this pattern and I loved the yarn Creme.

Here is Luanda's February Lady Sweater in Venezia. Luanda has been praising this yarn left and right.
More posts coming soon.
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Knitters Rock!

We are always amazed with the kindness of knitters. When one of our customers had a loved family member pass away she was surprised to learn of all the acrylic yarn left behind. Sheila mentioned that there is a group called the Chalkdust Knitters who after their full time job as educators teach young children to knit and crochet. This knitter brought in four large containers of yarn.

Of course the story doesn't end there. We then learned that another knitter teaches female inmates to knit, while another knitter teaches women with developmental disabilities, and there is a handful of knitters who participate in church run charity knitting groups.

While we don't know right now what this yarn will become we do know it is going into the hands of knitters and crocheters who are reaching out to make the world a better place one stitch at a time. You gotta love that!

Happy Knitting!
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Thursday Night Knitting

Well, Thursday Night brought in a lot of Lady February Knitters. Jean brought in the Elizabeth Zimmerman inspiration, the February Baby Sweater, that she knit a while ago in Jamieson yarn. (We have the Jamieson yarn on sale for $2 so you too can make the baby version). Isn't it precious?

Patty is already on the first sleeve of her Lady February.

Sheila is knitting in Pure Merino and just started the lace section on Thursday. Sheila opted not to do the buttons but may utilize similar buttons like in the Juliet sweater.

Lisa finished her three button holes and about to start the eyelet increases. She is knitting using Malabrigo in Verde Azul.

We also had Luanda, Jean, Mary Ellen and a few others tackling this sweater.
This weekend, Kelly picked up some Cliche yarn while Kristen picked up Venezia to start the Lady February.

Knitting this sweater with others has been a fun experience and we look forward to seeing all the finished Februaries.
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