Flat Feet has arrived!

Looking for something different in sock yarn?

How about Flat Feet yarn which is handpainted in a sheet of yarn. There are two sections (although below I folded the sheet) so you make a pair of matching socks. Each flat feet is unique and fun!

There are bright colors (above) and more earth tones. These bad boys are going quickly (the pink one above was purchased by Sara as she witnesed the photo shoot).

The one below is being knit by Patty which you could probably watch on Thursday Night Knitting. Ironically, it reminds me of a multi-colored Union Jack.

So what are the details about this yarn?
The fingering weight yarn is superwash wool and 20% nylon and each set contains 450 yards. You knit this yarn from the flat sheet which means no winding and as one customer mentioned to today, "hey, I can just throw that on my shoulder."

Happy Knitting!

ps More posts coming on the awesome new yarns arriving.
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