Many times we recommend keeping binders of patterns well Tuesday we met a customer who brought organization to a whole new level.
Here is a photo of the outside of her binder (her hand is blocking any personal information).

In the inside of this binder she keeps a photocopy of the pattern. On the back of the pattern (see to the left of the binder) she keeps the receipt of where she bought the yarn (and she labels the receipt which yarn is for what project), the yarn ballband with a sample of the yarn. I suggested taking a hole puncher to the ballband and then tying the yarn which she thought was a good idea.
This is a great organizational system. She also kept her yarn separated by project in bags with the name of the pattern written on it and the intended recipient plus diagrams she draws to understand the pattern.

Here is the super organized knitter modeling a wrap she is making for her friend.

By the way, she has not been knitting for a long time which I found impressive. You realize when talking to her that she really wants to comprehend the various knitting concepts and challenge herself.

As Sunday says, "Knit on!"
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