Fair Isle Patterns

The love of fair isle has returned evidenced by the Old Navy commercial, increased fair isle projects floating in Ravelry, and by new patterns appearing on various blogs. You can even see all the beautiful knits that Wendy has been doing with sock yarn and mittens.

Once a week, I wanted to post information about fair isle. Last week, I posted some fair isle hat patterns for those who started the Beginner's Fair Isle class with Debra. This week, as promised, I am posting more fair isle patterns found on various blogs.

Hopefully next week we will have links to websites that are helpful for this technique.

Enjoy looking at the following:

Swedish Mittens
Alice's Queen of Heart Gloves
Tiffany Mittens
Tilda Mittens
Endpaper Mittens

Tuesdays are nice...

Sunday came in with her lady, Lady Eleanor wrap in Cascade Nikki. Lady Eleanor is an entrelac pattern featured in Scarf Style. Scarf Style is a necessity for most knitter's libraries. You might recall we featured Nikki a few months ago when received it. Stop by the shop to see the completed object and try on (you might like entrelac!).

Janet and Sandy stopped by for the finishing class with a few items to show off as well.

Janet has been working on a wrap in ....are you ready... Misti Alpaca Handpainted. It is divine.

If you can name the yarn Sandy has been knitting (pictured below), that is impressive.

It is a trick question. Sandy combined Cascade 220 with a laceweight yarn to create this shimmery look to her sweater. Besides creating a unique appearance to the yarn, it is quite soft.

And Faith stopped by for a small sit n' knit. She brought in the fair isle hat she completed after taking Debra's Fair Isle class. Barbara, her fellow classmate, stopped by and they both discussed the class while knitting.

That is a lot of finished objects for one day and I missed Sallie's sweater as she picking out buttons.

Kathy has been checking the blog for fair isle patterns for mittens which we promised would be posted this week. Check back tomorrow for those patterns!

Happy Knitting!
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Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday at the shop was buzzing at the shop kicking off with the Beyond Scarves class and continuing into the Socks with Sunday class. We had folks stopping by to pick up materials for their Moebius class, Debra stopped off to show her recent fair isle hat (sorry, no pictures) and there was plenty of knitting at the back table.

Anne dropped off two samples (one pictured below) of her knitted beaded bracelet. There are so many different colors and combinations.

Barbara stopped off as well to pick up some yarn and she showed us her mini knitted sock on the mini sock blockers. We still have some mini sock blockers left in the shop and it includes the pattern for the sock.

Have a great week and keep on knitting!

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Hanne Falkenberg Trunk Show

What's all this piled on the back table?

January 25th. through February2nd.
20% Off all Kits

Come in during our trunk show to see and try on the beautiful garments designed by Hanne Falkenberg.
Orders will be taken for the kits in the colourway of your choice.

View the complete collection at:www.knit.dk
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The finishing table

Thursday Night there was a funny coincidence: two people focusing on seaming sweaters. One could overhear Rosemarie and Jamie saying, "scissors", while Ellen kept saying, "I am loving top down sweaters!".

Rosemarie's blazer is gorgeous (back of the table in blue) filled with seed stitch and cables. When asked, "Rose, are you going to knit seed stitch again?", her response was, "heck no!".
Ellen's top down is on the left side in blue, white, purple, and red.
Jamie's sweater, for her neice, is the purple cabled sweater. Pictured below, she placed the buttons on top so we can have the final vision of the sweater when it is done.
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Thursday Night Update

On Thursday Nora showed off some recently completed socks. Don't they look great?

Nora also brought in her wip (work in progress) which is knit out of her own handspun yarn. The roving was purchased at Rhinebeck. Granted you can't feel how soft the yarn is, the yarn is incredibly soft.

Also at the front table, Carol was knitting a sweater for her grandson's girlfriend. How cool is that?

This is the picture of what she is knitting. And below is her progress on the project. Carol also picked out three beautiful shell buttons for the bottom.

Another project we can't wait to see completed. There is one more post about the projects at the back table which were being seamed and another upcoming post about Hanne Falkenberg Trunk Show.
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Thursday Night Update

This Thursday was buzzing with many completed or close to completion knitting projects.

First off, Heather is modeling the starfish beret which was knit by Kathy. This is a free pattern available on the Classic Elite Yarns website and knit in Duchess yarn.

Heather was knitting away at the table on her skirt. She is so close to being done. She was picking up stitches for the waistband. This is knit in Berroco's Pure Merino. It looks fabulous!

Kathy was also busy knitting anklettes. Anklettes? They are not socks, rather they lie on the ankles.

What is great about this pattern is it can also be made into wristlettes. For example, these also knit by Kathy in Claudia Handpainted are modeled for the wrists.

We will have more photos on the blog from Thursday's activities!
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Martha salutes knitters!

Martha Stewart is looking for knitters to participate in a special taping of her show, The Martha Stewart Show, on February 20th, 2008, at 2pm. Go here and request tickets. Let them know that stix-n-stitches sent you!

And check out Martha's website for tutorials on how to measure a gauge swatch, how to make a knitted basket (without knitting it), and other great items.

More than Fair, it's Great!

We have heard great feedback on the entrelac, finishing, and fair isle classes! We would love to display your finished projects from these classes on the blog, so feel free to email us at sheila@stix-n-stitches (of course, Sheila doesn't know yet I posted her email address).

If you haven't caught the fair isle bug, check out some of these free fair isle patterns to inspire you. For those who have taken the class, enjoy looking at these patterns and add them to your expanding pattern library.

The Anemoi Hat
Norwegian Star Earflap
Ring of Fire Hat
Winter Sunrise Hat
The Inga Hat
Butterfly Hat

Ok, I admit it. Those were only hats which means I have a list of free patterns for mittens that range from classic to the contemporary. Which means you need to stay tuned until next week for those to be posted.


A customer came into wearing her own creative felted scarf. It was stunning so she agreed to have her photo taken so all can admire her creativity (I kept thinking "Fran will love this!"). The scarf is knit with assorted yarn overs and then felted. What was great was that when she moved the scarf it had a certain amount of stiffness that allowed it to be shaped. Excellent!

What is all this?

If you guessed color samples from Colinette you are correct! One of our reps stopped by today to show us new yarns and colors from Colinette. Colinette is a yarn company based out of Wales and has stunning handpainted yarns. While we are going to get some new colors of Jitterbug (sock yarn), we will also be adding a machine washable DK weight yarn that will be stunning for a baby surprise jacket.

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Weekend Wrap-Up

This Sunday was a busy day with two classes going on and crowd hanging out on the sofa. We loved having everyone! Sunday kicked off her classes today with Finishing, while Ann taught a Tips & Tricks class.

Rosemarie who was in attendance showed off one of her completed sweaters. She mentioned the sweater is incredibly warm, but we couldn't help but admire the button she selected.

Here is one of Sunday's socks in the Trekking yarn. You gotta love trekking with beautiful gradient color changes.

Lastly, I picked out this skein of Greater Adirondack yarn to become a project. But which project? It was interesting because I listened to Ann discuss the importance of a swatch and listening to the yarn say what it will want to become. I am listening, I think the yarn speaks another language, possibly Russian. We will see.

Have a great week!
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Scarf Style

Patty completed a cashmere scarf. This chevron style scarf is made out of 1.5 skeins of Jade Sapphire. It is so incredibly soft. Patty brought this in Thursday afternoon for sit n' knit.

A few minutes later Kathy brought in her scarf also a chevron style. I thought it would be interesting to take the picture with a dark background and then...

take a picture of this scarf with a light background.

Looking for a zig zag style scarf pattern?

Enjoy the Graphic Designer Scarf II!
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Thursday Night Update

While we enjoyed the musical melange of jazz and folk music tonight, we also marvelled at Carol's sweater. Yes, she knit this!

Look at all the beautiful colors! I also took a photo from the back so you can see more of the details.

We had a great crowd tonight who braved the snow to sit and knit (and crochet!). Kathy and Carol stopped by, Fran and Lucy, Lisa, Mary Beth, and Ellen to name a few!

Speaking of Ellen, check out her recent wip (work in progress) which is a top down sweater. Ellen fully endorses top down sweaters!

Although, we have posted about Rosemarie's latest project this is a hint of what it will be. It's Rosemarie's recent sweater and it is her second sleeve (the front and back is done) which means a sweater will be done soon.

Tomorrow, a post about scarves finished by Kathy and Pat.
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Sheep Escape

And after you watch the sheep attempt an escape, check out the new uploaded sample photo of a beaded bracelet. Ann will instruct her class participants how to knit with beads in Beaded Bracelet Class.

The My So Called Scarf bug has hit the shop. First, Louise stopped by with some of her graduate students and was off and knitting the scarf in Cascade Handpainted Jewel yarn.

Then, Barbara picked up some Debbie Bliss Soho and started the scarf.

Then, Sunday picked up the Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpainted and started the so scalled scarf.

We thought we would highlight yarns in the shop that would look great as a My So Called Scarf.

Top Clockwise:
Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpainted
Cascade Handpainted Jewel in Maple
Tahki Shannon
Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpainted
Cascade Nikki
Zitron Unikat
Cascade Handpainted Jewel

Of course, there is always Malabrigo in beautiful variegated colors.

If you do get stuck attempting this pattern, please check out this You Tube video which is extremely helpful.

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Additional Featured Classes

Hints & Helps, Tips & Tricks – 3Hour Class
Instructor: Anne Hulsizer Fee: $55.00
Sunday, January 20th.-1PM-4PM

Friday, February 1st.-10AM-1PM

Want to learn the short cuts and aids that don't appear in written patterns?...
Want to ask all those "dumb" questions?...
Curious about the knitting stuff your mother never told you?...
Want to learn alternatives to ripping?...
Do you make pullovers to avoid button bands and buttonholes?...
What do all those confusing terms REALLY mean?...
We'll work through a mythical sweater, answering questions and shattering phobias...
Bring your sense of humor and your questions, be ready to laugh and learn...
Required Skills: NOT for first time knitters. Must know how to cast on, bind off, knit and purl
Supplies: Please bring smooth light colored worsted weight yarn with size 7US and or 8 US needles.
Class Fee is payable to stix-n-stitches.

Knitted Beaded Bracelet
Sunday, February 3rd.-2PM-5PM
Instructor: Barbara Gilchrist Fee: $75.00

You were such a good girl over the holidays... shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, doing, and giving. Now it’s time to adorn your own busy hands with a blingy Valentine’s Day gift. In this fun introduction to knitting with beads and small needles you’ll create a gorgeous, lustrous bracelet that will have your friends - and strangers - begging for one of their own. Makes an impressive, quick gift for any season or occasion.
Caution: this project provides a high dosage of instant gratification and may lead to addiction.
Note: we must string our beads onto the thread in prep for knitting. In the event of down-time while we allow the class to finish stringing, feel free to bring another project to work on during this short period.
Required skills: cast-on, garter stitch, bind-off
Materials: All class materials are included.
Class Fee is payable to stix-n-stitches.

Intermediate Crochet Class
Instructor: Patty Way Fee: $45.00 for two session class
Tuesday January 29th and February 4th. 7PM-8:30PM

Tired of granny squares and single crochets? This is a two session course designed for those who want to move beyond beginner crochet with a Ripple Stitch Scarf.
Choose your yarn and learn how to adapt your gauge and hook size to match your pattern. At the end of the course you will be well on your way to finishing your scarf.
Required skills: Must know basic crochet skills.
Supplies will be purchased during first class. Bring your crochet hooks!
Class Fee is payable to Patty Way by check or cash.

Weekend Wrap-Up!

You might recall Ellen was working on her vest at this sit n' knit, and now it is complete. Ellen nearly burst from her seat on Saturday, "Look, I'm done" and it looks spectacular!

We had a lot of folks stopping by the shop this weekend. Nancy started her new sweater The Gathered Pullover from Interweave Knits (Winter 2007) in Sheep Shop 3 (pictured below).

Sally stopped by to register for the Fair Isle class but sadly it is now closed. If you are interested in registering for a class that is closed, please contact us as we are looking to schedule more classes based on need.

Sunday and Barbara are both knitting My So Called Scarf. Tomorrow's post will be all about this scarf.
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The Knitting Circle Event

Ann Hood was a great speaker who was funny and entertaining yet moving in her own disclosure of personal tragedies that inspired the book.

Here Ann is answering a question posed to her. She obliged an attendees' request to read a passage from her book. While a good amount of the group in attendance had previously read the book, a lot of individuals had just picked up the book or started The Knitting Circle recently.

A lot of individuals brought their knitting listening to the discussion (pictured above are Lisa and Raquel with their mom who raved about Mama Giola's on Bloomfield Ave.).
Following the talk, reading, and questions, was the book signing.
We would like to thank everyone who attended the event to make it such a success! Don't forget to read the book as our first meeting of the book club will be on February 6th, 2008.
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