Thursday Night Update

While we enjoyed the musical melange of jazz and folk music tonight, we also marvelled at Carol's sweater. Yes, she knit this!

Look at all the beautiful colors! I also took a photo from the back so you can see more of the details.

We had a great crowd tonight who braved the snow to sit and knit (and crochet!). Kathy and Carol stopped by, Fran and Lucy, Lisa, Mary Beth, and Ellen to name a few!

Speaking of Ellen, check out her recent wip (work in progress) which is a top down sweater. Ellen fully endorses top down sweaters!

Although, we have posted about Rosemarie's latest project this is a hint of what it will be. It's Rosemarie's recent sweater and it is her second sleeve (the front and back is done) which means a sweater will be done soon.

Tomorrow, a post about scarves finished by Kathy and Pat.
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