Weekend Wrap-Up

This Sunday was a busy day with two classes going on and crowd hanging out on the sofa. We loved having everyone! Sunday kicked off her classes today with Finishing, while Ann taught a Tips & Tricks class.

Rosemarie who was in attendance showed off one of her completed sweaters. She mentioned the sweater is incredibly warm, but we couldn't help but admire the button she selected.

Here is one of Sunday's socks in the Trekking yarn. You gotta love trekking with beautiful gradient color changes.

Lastly, I picked out this skein of Greater Adirondack yarn to become a project. But which project? It was interesting because I listened to Ann discuss the importance of a swatch and listening to the yarn say what it will want to become. I am listening, I think the yarn speaks another language, possibly Russian. We will see.

Have a great week!
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