Thursday Night Update

This Thursday was buzzing with many completed or close to completion knitting projects.

First off, Heather is modeling the starfish beret which was knit by Kathy. This is a free pattern available on the Classic Elite Yarns website and knit in Duchess yarn.

Heather was knitting away at the table on her skirt. She is so close to being done. She was picking up stitches for the waistband. This is knit in Berroco's Pure Merino. It looks fabulous!

Kathy was also busy knitting anklettes. Anklettes? They are not socks, rather they lie on the ankles.

What is great about this pattern is it can also be made into wristlettes. For example, these also knit by Kathy in Claudia Handpainted are modeled for the wrists.

We will have more photos on the blog from Thursday's activities!
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