Busy, busy, busy...

Well, the weekend was busy for us at stix this weekend. We got to see some old faces and of course meet some new folks. Since our class schedule was also released a few folks stopped by to register for classes and pick up the yarn needed. A lot of classes have been filled, so contact the shop before spaces or gone. If they are, asked to be added to the wait list. If there is a demand we are looking to add additional classes.

While it was busy, I was able to snap a shot of Janet and her custom designed purse.

Janet is the owner of this adorable pooch.

The store will be closed this week due to inventory. We would like to thank everyone who relieved us of counting yarn by purchasing it. We realize that this was done to help us (wink wink) and we hope you enjoy the yarn you acquired.

We will re-open this Friday. Speaking of, check out our new store hours (should be on the left hand side of this post).
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