A customer came into wearing her own creative felted scarf. It was stunning so she agreed to have her photo taken so all can admire her creativity (I kept thinking "Fran will love this!"). The scarf is knit with assorted yarn overs and then felted. What was great was that when she moved the scarf it had a certain amount of stiffness that allowed it to be shaped. Excellent!

What is all this?

If you guessed color samples from Colinette you are correct! One of our reps stopped by today to show us new yarns and colors from Colinette. Colinette is a yarn company based out of Wales and has stunning handpainted yarns. While we are going to get some new colors of Jitterbug (sock yarn), we will also be adding a machine washable DK weight yarn that will be stunning for a baby surprise jacket.

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