Pumpkin Hat!

The Fall brings many things we love, knitting, holidays, and pumpkins. Jacob, that would be Sheila's grandson, is modeling a pumpkin hat that you may have noticed in the shop. The beauty of the pumpkin hat (besides wonderful photo opportunities like this one) is that it is a quick and easy knit.

Jacob's hat is following this pattern and used one skein of GGH Aspen. The pattern calls for 4 stitches to the inch. As for the stem, you can use scrap yarn in green or brown.

If you use Ravelry's search tool, you are sure to find other patterns in other weights. If you are looking for a fun and quick knit that will make everyone "oh" or "ah", then try knitting a pumpkin hat!

Felted Baskets

It is very easy to see clothing inspired by knitting styles in Anthropologie (or vice versa) but usually when we see knitting in furniture store catalogs, like Crate and Barrel, it is usually as accessories in the photos. For example, balls of yarn artfully placed in a basket.

After receiving the recent CB2 catalog (Crate and Barrel uber-modern catalog) I noticed a few felted boxes that reminded me of ones located in the Mason Dixon Knitting book.

If you are interested in making some felted and decorative storage containers, check a few of these out:

Felted Pods

Mitered Bowl

Felted Alien Egg (ok, I couldn't resist including this one)

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