Thursday Night Recap

The store was hopping as a lot of people took advantage of our sale, buying sweater yarn, needles, and enjoying some of Patty's Mom's brownies. Some things witnessed around the shop include:
Ellen working on her scribble scarf for a friend allergic to wool. So, of course, she is using "I am allergic to wool" yarn. She made some progress...
Another knit night regular finished a sweater in Debbie Bliss yarn. This was so nice, you have to touch it to believe how soft it is...

Marlis demonstrating her modeling skills. Marlis' mom came to pick out some knitting projects and Marlis fell in love with Ozark. We can't wait to see the hat and scarf.
And this is Rocky whose mom was also shopping. He was incredibly sweet and his mom explained he was found as a stray. Rocky realized a good situation when he started getting dog treats and then he danced and he danced. Don't you love happy endings to stories?
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