Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a lot of great visits today that ranged in pre-grocery stopovers to quick holiday gift purchases. However, when we are in the presence of knitting expertise it has to be documented. Louise stopped by with her husband who both modelled her knitting achievements (yes both sweaters were knit by Louise who is working on several My So Called Scarf in Cascade Handpainted).

Eric and Mary Ellen also stopped by to practice new skills. Attention: to all our Thursday Knit Night Regulars: Eric has learned to knit! Eric is a fabulous crocheter who you might remember improvises his own patterns. His friend taught him to knit (yesterday). Mary Ellen who is demonstrating a knit stitch was practicing her Magic Loop skills.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are open from 10-3pm in case there are friends, family, or significant others who may need to pick up that emergency gift. Speaking of emergency gifts, only two employees were working on ribbed cowls in Misti Alpaca Chunky and were finishing in a day.
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