Holiday Wishlist: Under $25

Another sampling of various items that make a wonderful gift. The items shown here fall under the $25 mark. There is also always yarn or a stix gift certificate. If you want something specific fill out a Holiday Wishlist and then just let a loved one know that they can come to the shop and buy exactly what you want.

Left to Right:
Yarn Mugs
Decorative stitch markers (two sets shown, large one is cute phrases with container and smaller one is a bead)
Harmony Stitch Dictionaries : crochet (green), knit and purl (purple), lace and eyelet (pink)
Lantern Moon project bag
Lantern Moon needles
Bryspun Rosewood Needles
Interweave Knitting Companion
Stitch n' Bitch audiotape
Handmade wood shawl closure
Crochet Perpetual Calendar
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