Thursday Night Update continues

Also in the shop Thursday was Lisa. Lisa who has completed her monkey socks took on knitting the reader's wrap in Arucania for her boyfriend's mom. This is a simple pattern and contains complimentary pockets knitted in seed stitch and sewed on both ends.

Lucy completed this smooshy pink scarf. It is very soft. Tis' the season for scarves!

Lastly, we wanted to take this moment to wish the best to Heather. Pictured below, Heather is in the center, Sherri is on the right, and their friend (who I was not introduced, so sorry no name for the sake of this post) stopped by after a going away dinner. Heather will be leaving the Garden State to study for four years in Singapore.

Heather is wearing the Gryffindor scarf she knit and is sporting a stylish new hair style (the bob is in!). Heather has to finish her dad's sweater which she is knitting in Louet Gems in a crisp navy blue (she brought him to the store during the moving sale on a Thursday night, I was so impressed he had such a great sense of humor). Anyways, we just want to wish Heather a safe trip, best wishes in her studies, and definitely stop by to see us when you visit!
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Hello! Thanks again for taking the picture. I'm sorry we never introduced her! She's my supervisor(Marilyn) at the public library we work at. Heather was a constant visitor there while growing up, and we've dragged her all over the place, our fave which has been the Renfaire! :o) Hope to see you soon, probably after the holidays. Take care!

December 12, 2007 at 3:48 PM  

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