Letter from George

Dear stix-n-stitches,

You may know me from my books, Curious George Learns to Count 1 to 100, Curious George's First Day of School, and New Adventures of Curious George, as well as my movie Curious George. Lately, I left the man with the yellow hat to hang out with Fran. Fran has some trolls that live in her car but she's really cool. Here I am in her bag.

You may have noticed that when I was with the man with the yellow hat, I never had clothes. Since Fran is an avid knitter she made me this and I quote "top down raglan" out of "sock yarn".

It's snazzy. Since I am originally from a warmer climate, this sweater is perfect for me. Anyways, I just wanted to say it was nice hanging out Thursday night and you must have known I was coming because the banana cream pie was yummy!


Curious George
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