Let's talk: Cowls

Here is Sunday's recent cowl made in Claudia Handpainted in Sport weight yarn.

The beauty of the cowl has several layers. A cowl keeps your neck warm, it is stylish, it is a quick knit and doesn't require a lot of yarn. If you are looking for immediate gratification or if you need that emergency hand made gift OR if you have some luxury yarn but not a lot, try making a cowl. And since we haven't had links for free patterns on the site for a while here are a few cowl patterns:

For the accessory lovers, try the Neck Hug Recipe.

For the crocheters, try the Mossy Cowl.

For the cable enthusiasts, try the Three Seas Cowl.

For the Masterpiece theatre fans, try the Neckwarmer.

For the Jane Austen fans, try the Victorian lace and ribbed neckwarmer (Thanks to Bezzie for pointing this one out, click here to see hers).

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