Brief Thursday Update

Well, it was not a small quantity of knitting on Thursday but sadly a small amount of photos. So, let me describe the night for those who couldn't make it: Susan joined us to knit her sweater which I will have photos when it is done, Remy brought a friend Jackie and she was crocheting slippers, Fran stopped by with her needlefelted vest, Jamie was here, Lisa was sporting her monkey socks, Rosemarie and Ellen were at the back table, Heather and Sherie stopped by wearing their Harry Potter Gryffindor scarves, Mary Beth worked on socks, Norah showed off her handspun yarn, and Lucy finished her sweater (pictured below). The sweater looks great! We tried to convince Lucy to put it on but she is saving that for another night.
Lastly, I did document Patty's moment of insanity. Patty makes lace (that's not the crazy part). Not lace knitting, actual lace. She took a class and has always wanted to do something challenging. So she purchased the book pictured below. The graphic on the front is her goal (that's the crazy part). It has horses in it. Patty explained that she needs $40 worth of thread, and 400 bobbins or $400 worth of bobbins to make this lace piece. And guess what, it is 16" in length. I told Patty I would document this because it is an incredible task. Go Patty!

Oh and everyone ate homemade chocolate chip cookies.
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