Buttons, buttons, and more buttons....

One of our customers brought in her Noro vest for her husband. The vest still needs some minor finishing on the right arm opening. The vest looks great, but it just needs some buttons.

So, everyone goes to the button wall. Ideally, we would have loved these buttons. The square shape picks up the squares of the entrelac and the wood has a rustic look which is appropriate for the Noro yarn. Unfortunately, the color was not a match for the sweater.

Next buttons. The color is a little better. This particular customer did not want shiny. These buttons did not make the cut.
The finish, shiny or matte, will either complement the look of the garment or not.

The buttons she did like were these.

They have a rustic appearance, they are not shiny, and it may be difficult to discern in this photo but they are beige in the center and a light brown around the edge which picks up two of the colors in the vest.
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