Thursday Night Update

We had a few friends over tonight for Thursday Night Knitting. So, I will post tonight some highlights of the evening and then post a few more items tomorrow on lace projects completed by Norah, Patty, and some hats made by Eric.

Let's start the recap: Heather has made progress on Pure Merino to knit the Justina skirt pattern that is in Berroco: Norah Gaughan Volume One. She started this skirt three weeks ago, and it is looking fabulous.

Nancy (she's grinning on the left hand side) stopped by and a couple of her friends joined her for shopping and knitting. Nancy and Jen
are working on scarves.

Geri was working on the pidge. This is for a buttoned mini scarf. If that sounds something you might be interested in you can try the Mini Scarflet (Smidge).
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