Ravelry Brunch

We had a few friends come over today. The shop had a little get together for the stix-n-stitchers Ravelry group. A lot of people recognized each other in passing, some from Rhinebeck, some from blogs, and others from the Ravelry forums. The morning started with coffee, bagels, cheese and fruit, and coconut almond bread which spilled into a large sit and knit in the afternoon. It was great to see so many people get to know each other and discuss our favorite subject: yarn.

So, let's review...

Thalea, Jen, and Lisa are intently discussing something involving socks.
Robin, Belle, Ina, and Liz, were knitting and in the midst of a discussion on lunch.
Ellen is chilling on the sofa and knitting, while Jen is talking to Mary Beth. Jen is checking out some bulky yarn against the wall. Thalea is exploring sock yarn for SKA. Deborah is exploring books.
And of course there was Gumby. This sweet dog is perfectly trained and extremely well behaved (and well known). Gumby knows nothing of yarn, she was there for the cookies.
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