Oh....more yarn

The return of Crystal Palace Fjord. Fjord cames in solids and prints (and many many pretty colors). Fjord comes in balls of 91 yards and is a worsted weight knitted at 18-22 stitches= 4 inches.

Try making a Calorimetry (free pattern from Knitty) to keep you warm or Fetching would also be great.
If not that, how about the Chevon Lace Beret ?

There is many things to be made. You can go explore the new Magknits for patterns.

The needles are gone! Actually, they have been replaced with a sampling of our knitting bags.

Have we removed the needles? Nope. You might remember the needles were on top of the Wall of Schaefer (yarn). Our needle collection is pretty extensive so we moved it behind the cash stand. If you need needles, we are more than happy to help.
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