Thursday Night Update: 11/1

Well, the store was buzzing with activity this Thursday night (nothing new). A few old friends stopped by (hi Luanda!) and some new ones as well (Hi Christine!). So what was on the needles? Let's start with what's off the needles.

Here we have Jamie modeling her Gretal hat all done. She loved the Cascade Superwash. (Although, tonight she walked away with some Redwood mix in Ultra Alpaca).
As well, she is modeling Luanda's crocheted scarf (an original design). And of course, you need to see the back of this hat for the full oh and ah of this cabled design. Jamie became all creative with her posing skills in this second shot.
Mary Ellen has done so much work on her shawl in Wool Bam Boo. The color and sheen is magnificent. She mentioned that it is a super quick knit.
And Kathy wanted to say "Happy Halloween" to all those in the blogosphere.
Actually, Kathy's got a great humor. She wore these fake teeth to her dentist's office yesterday to give them a smile.
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