Thursday Night Update

We had a few of our regular Thursday night crew and some every so often regulars and a new person come to the group. A lot of Wool Bam Boo was being knit with as Mary Ellen was working on a shawl and Rosemarie is almost done with her husband's cable vest. Patty has fallen in love with Comfort and decided it is not only amazingly soft and machine washable (she is going swatch crazy with the knit pattern calendar). It was a great night to come by and knit. So here's our updates....
Mary Ellen finished up her sweater for a co-workers baby. She changed the stripes from the pattern which is always a moment of pride when you change something in the pattern. She did a great job on the finishing!
For those who remember Fran of Fran's knitted clothing for her troll dolls, check out these needle felted berets. She was working on this tonight. If you look closely you can notice the tips have even been needlefelted.
Lastly, Lisa has finished knitting her EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. The color is really stunning. Last Sunday, she stopped by and picked up Crytstal Palace Creme to make the Children's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yellow hat picks up the subtle yellow in the jacket. So cute! All she needs now are buttons.
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:-( Wish I was there! I missed all the fun!

October 19, 2007 at 5:55 PM  

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