Thursday Night Wishes

We wished our good friend Carol best wishes on her new adventure and hosted a little night dedicated to her. Carol is relocating to South Dakota to live with her daughter. She has been a consistent presence in our Thursday Nights blowing us away with her imaginary knitted designs (and no she doesn't write them up!) and her perky personality.

The ladies all contributed various forms of food and decadence. We had vegetable dip, strawberries and brie, Rosemary's scrumptious canapes. The table then extended into Patty's mom's double chocolate cupcakes, coffee cake, fruit salad, Lucy's chocolate brownies, and a double chocolate cake (notice the chocolate theme?).

All of this was done for this special lady. Carol usually would tell me not to post her photo and I am ignoring her this one time because we have to show off our great friend. Here she is with Sheila.

Patty and Carol hugging. Carol gives the best hugs too (even Lisa agrees!).

Carol, we are going to miss you hanging out with us on Thursdays! (Hint Hint!) Carol, will just have to email us and talk more on our Ravelry group: stix-n-stitchers.

Of course, there was knitting and then some. Here is a fabric scarf for your eyes to enjoy. It is so unique I had to photograph (unfortunately you can't feel how soft it is).

This Saturday is the kick off of the Lady February Sweater KAL in the shop. There are whispers of bagels and of course we always have the coffee in the shop. This is a great and quick pattern that is based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby February Sweater. Stop by and join us!

Happy Knitting!
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