Notes on Juliet

We love the Zephystyle Patterns and that includes the Juliet cardigan. This cute and modern piece is knit using a bulky yarn and you get to have so much fun picking out funky buttons. We now sell the Zephyr patterns at the shop!

Notes from Luanda who knit the Juliet our latest store sample.

"I loved knitting the Juliet. I ended up using a size 11 needle only because I am a tight knitter. Maybe for a loose knitter smaller needles will do but to each her (his)own. I used less than one skein of the mahogany colored eco wool making it a yarn that lives up to it’s name. I knit an extra small but it was quite stretchy. Also I bet I could have gotten a medium size Juliet out of this skein. Blocking the Juliet was lovely. I stretched it to lengthen it slightly and to open up the eyelets.

The buttons were absolutely inspired. Those triangle buttons in the soft orange really put a contemporary spin on the cardigan and the color really popped (in a pleasing way) against the darkness of the wool. Anyway, I find the eco wool quite soft considering it’s a “work horse” kind of yarn and I love knitting with it. It’s texture and ply is very consistent. I’ve used eco wool for about 4 projects now and I must say that not once have I found a knot in it’s 400+yard skeins.

The pattern for the Juliet was very well written except for a tiny error in the suggested needle size given to get gauge. One part it said a 10 1/2 and on another it said a 10 but if you think about it it’s really not a problem since you should be swatching any way to get gauge trying different needles to suit your tension in knitting."
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