EZ, Jared, and Sunday....

There is so much to say and such an interesting intersection of six degress of separation.

It could have begun with the EZ sweater that Sunday interpreted and redesigned utilizing her knowledge of Elizabeth's kntting techniques and historical travels. A sweater which Sunday took time, thought, and a mental database of knitting prowess those of us who know her admire. Some ladies from Twist Collective learned of this re-imagination and then Sunday was writing an article (or should I say the article) for Twist on this process. EZ's god-daughter, the recipient of the sweater, also wrote an article enlightening us a little bit more of this inspiring woman. Within hours of the article's online publication, threads popped up on Ravelry asking for the pattern. (Something Sunday is writing, yeah!)

Well, along the way, Sunday brought the original sweater and the recreation to the photographer's apartment in New York. The photographer was none other than Jared Flood. Mr. Flood, also known as Brooklyn Tweed, has inspired the noro-striped scarf, the hemlock ring blanket, the girasole, and so many patterns that we sit back and wait for his latest creation. Jared also write a post about his experience photographing this found treasure.

So many connections and intersections, we feel blessed to witness the sweater's arrival to every debate Sunday (had with herself) on the meticulous details within the sweater, to the articles, and her pattern's arrival.

Along the way, we met Jared Flood as he celebrated the release of his new book Made in Brooklyn by visiting us last Sunday.

Here is Sheila's sample of one of the patterns within the book.

We had a lot of visitors, old and new friends, that sat and chatted with Jared, played with fall yarns, or relaxed for a few minutes knitting on the sofas.

At the end of the day, Sunday and Jared caught up for a quiet and relaxing talk.

We loved having Jared visit us. He was humble, intelligent, and charming; everything we expected.

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Ok, I'll be honest, I'm more intrigued by the stuff on the table in that last picture--is that yarn salad?

September 27, 2009 at 8:00 PM  

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