Thursday Night Update

With a full house, what did you miss at stix?

Annette, Carla, and Dan joined us for the first time, and we enjoyed having them hang out and knit.

Norah showed us the yarn she handspun (and a lot she dyed). The yarn is gorgeous. Annette, Sheila, and I drooled over all the fiber.

Carol brought in a family heirloom. The bib pictured below was crocheted by her grandma. It is so cute and the little button closure is adorable.

Dan brought in the sweater he is making his fiance which by the way is his first sweater. He just picked out the yarn and a sweater pattern and bham, he's knitting it.

And check out the finished sweater! Yes, it is handmade. The sweater has a delicate lace pattern and lovely silver buttons.

Have a great weekend!
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