Weekend Wrap-Up!

"Have you heard it's National Crochet Month?"

Well, the little crocheted panda bear, that Eva got in a fair, knew it is Crochet Month.

Let's begin with Ed who is an accomplished crocheter. Pictured below, Ed is talking to Remilter about his latest crocheted afghan.
Ed also brought his crocheted basketweave sweater he made which is great!

Also, Jenn stopped by with her Top Down Yoke Raglan which is also great.

Tomorrow, will be a post about The Scrumble.
Tuesday's post will feature beautiful crocheted items including a Winnie the Pooh afghan.

In support of fundraising to find a cure for Friedrich's Ataxia we have two baskets at the shop that we are raffling tickets. To participate, purchase a raffle ticket for $5.00 and you can compete for the Knit Basket or the Crochet Basket. The raffle tickets will be pulled on Saturday night.

Happy Crocheting!
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