Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday's Sweater Class finished today with most of the class making wonderful progress on their sweater. One of the class members has made impressive steps in completing the Einstein Coat in a short period of time.

A most interesting incident occurred where a friend of the Zimmerman family came in with a sweater knit by EZ. Does the sweater look a little worn?

The sweater was knit when EZ was around 24 years of age. That's a long time ago, aging the sweater around 60 years of age. Sunday and Sheila spent plenty of time examining the sweater for design elements.

Looking for a helpful tip? If you knit one sock and are nervous about if there is sufficient yarn for the second skein, weigh each separately and see if they are close in weight. That's what JoAnn did when debating if this skein had enough to finish her pair.

Looking for innovation? This hat was crocheted in O-Wool in Balance yarn. And then-it was hand dyed!

Looking for a reason to love crochet? According to Wikipedia (and most crocheters) crochet creates a fabric much quicker than knitting.

Looking to crochet an owl? Or an elephant? Or? Check out this site with free pdf patterns of animals.
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How cool! I've never seen a sweater from EZ's own hands. The armhole shaping is intriguing, as is the choice of yarn. What does the label say?

March 3, 2008 at 10:10 AM  

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