Knit Your Bit

For those who stopped by our shop you may have noticed the "Our Boys Need Sox: Knit Your Bit" poster which is a print of the American Red Cross poster that was printed in 1918. If you want to learn more about how knitting and American history intersect, check out the American Red Cross website which discusses the "knit your bit" tradition as well as containing some free patterns that were published for Americans to knit garments for soldiers.

If you go to this website click on picture #4 to see a young boy knitting from our hometown of Montclair, New Jersey.

If you feel inspired after reading Red Cross and about Clara Burton, check out some of our Schaeffer Yarn in the colorway named after this humanitarian.

If you feel super inspired after reading this site, check out The Operation Homefront site where volunteers can knit a helmet liner to be sent to one of our soldiers serving abroad. If you do decide to knit a helmet liner, please read the instructions for the requirements and pick something soft for our boys.


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