Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday was busy as she taught her Beyond Scarves class in the morning and the Sock class in the afternoon. The sock class turning the heel and doing quite well.

Eva and Ed stopped by this Sunday for some dedicated knitting time and to peruse yarn. Eva showed off Ed's latest crocheted creation.

The yarn and the pattern give the illusion of autumn. Here's the close up photo.

Ellen taught herself entrelac which was inspired by a sweater Anne wore one day in the shop. Of course, the sweater is classic Ellen, bright and cheerful.

Lisa is doing well on her first sweater Mr. Greenjeans in the Ella Rae Classic. She is progressing on the cable at the bottom of the sweater.
Tomorrow, we will post the status of the afghan for Tom.

Several days to Valentine's Day and if you want to make your loved one a knitted hat, check out this pattern.

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This post was interesting, educational, and fun! You are indeed a rock star Mon!

February 11, 2008 at 9:30 AM  

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