Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was packed as some folks participated in classes and others stopped in prior to the Superbowl event for the night. Sunday had her Beyond Scarves class in this morning working on their sweaters. In the afternoon, Barbara Gilchirst taught a class on Beaded Bracelets.

Barbara brought the most amazing homemade decadent bars that are tiny morsels of nirvana. They were so delicious I had to take a picture and post on the shop blog.

Moving onto the class, Barbara also brought in some samples in various stages.
They are all so sparkly and pretty.

Here's Kathy and Carol in the beginning of the class in the process of making their bracelet. Most people left the class close to finishing the bracelet.

We also took a picture of two participant's bracelets as both made the same colorway. We were curious to see how choosing the width, different size beads, and the difference in thread color would impact the look of the bracelet.
If you are interested in the bracelet kits pictured in this post, check out Earthfaire to purchase one of stew or soup bracelet kits.

Have a great week, we will announce new yarns and bags in the shop this week.

Go Giants!
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