Sampling the Yarn

Remi crocheted a market bag from Berroco's NaturLin. The pattern is Hadley which is from the new NaturLin booklet. Stop by the shop and check out this new store sample.

NaturLin is a new yarn that arrived this week in the shop and is available in a few colors. The rayon/linen blend knits at 24 stitches over 4 inches. The NaturLin book has some great patterns including the Salem throw.

Have you heard of Comfort? This is a great yarn for baby knits or afghans. The yarn is nylon and acrylic and so soft. It is a worsted weight yarn that knits either 18 or 20 stitches over 4 inches. We have a wide assortment of colors.

It is also a great yarn for dog sweaters. Yes, dog sweaters. It is machine washable and has over 200 yards per each skein which means that most projects will be reasonably priced. This is the Buster sweater, a free pattern on Berroco's website, modeled by Maya (Maya is working on her modeling skills). The Buster sweater is currently being worn by one of the teddy bears in the shop so next time you stop by you can see it.

A few more days and Valentine's Day will be upon us and if knitting a knitted mug cozy didn't appeal to you then how about knitting little hearts? One skein of Peruvia will yield 15 hearts (which I imagine if you didn't want to felt would be great stuffed with lavender or catnip for kitty cats).

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Have a great weekend!
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