Squares for Thom

Ravelry is a wonderful website that is a great resource for knitters and crocheters. While, Ravelry is still in beta testing you can register your email on the waiting list to receive an invitation. On Ravelry, you can store a database of your stash, needles, and books. You can also search patterns to see what yarns people have used and what modifications they have made as well you can seek out yarn to see what people have made with it. Then, you can stop by the forums and participate in several focused discussion groups, like NJ Represent, Zimmermaniacs, and even the stix-n-stitchers.

The founders of Ravelry are Casey and Jess. In November or December 2007, Casey's dad, Thom, was injured in an accident. To show our love to Thom, who we affectionately call Grampa Rav, Ravelry members from across the United States and Europe have been creating 4x4 squares that will be seamed together into a large afghan.

In addition to the 15 pictured above, we have had several additional squares dropped off afterwards.
Squares have been made by: Remi, Maven, Debra, Patty, and Sheila to name a few. We want to thank everyone that contributed a square for Grampa Rav and we hope that this blanket keeps him warm during his recovery.
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