Thursday Night Update

Although Sheila was home sick (we missed ya!) Thursday night was hopping with several highlights.

Nora showed off this simple sock pattern in Alpaca Sox. This yarn is yummy and what's even better is we are getting some new solids colors of this yarn. You have to stop by Thursday to get the pattern from Nora. While the pattern has the optical illusion of being cabled it's just some knits and purls.

Rosemarie finished her Rialto blazer. The sweater is amazing, look at all the seed stitch and the cables hit at the right spot for visual interest. Hopefully we can get a shot of Rose wearing the sweater (hint hint)!

Carol finished her Classic Elite sweater in Duchess and Princess with the silver shell buttons (which Lucy recommended-nice choice!).

Lastly, I wanted to show an up close shot of Sunday's Lady Eleanor in Nikki. Stop by the shop to try on this wrap and see if you want to try your hand at entrelac.

Happy Knitting!
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